Time for some Hide n Seek!

Hi everyone,

Despite it being so hot outside I managed to spend some time in the Summer House (which was showing 34 degrees inside!) and painted up 3 rocks.  I thought it would be great to join in with hiding the rocks for others to find, so these little beauties are currently in different locations on Galleywood Common. I’ve let the residents of Galleywood know via the “We’re from Galleywood Facebook Group” Facebook group and also the “Chelmsford Rocks Facebook Group” Facebook group.  I’ve had lots of positive feedback so am hoping they’ll be found, enjoyed and then re-hidden.  Just need to get some more stones and then I can do some more 😉


Transforming a concrete heart shaped candle holder!

Hi everyone,

I’m always on the look out for something to doing some dotting on and a recent visit to TK Maxx gave just the right opportunity.  On display were these two concrete heart shaped candle holders so I snapped them up for the small cost of £4.00 each (bargain!).

Concrete hearts before

As you can see, they weren’t the prettiest and were just calling out for a makeover.  So, I started by giving them a base coat of pink (very girly I know!). Being made from concrete they did absorb the acrylic paint so I think in the end they had 3 coats of pink before I was happy.

Concrete hearts based coated

Now it was time to start dotting! As these were quite heavy and little awkward I decided to put my cake decorating turntable to good use as it was just gathering dust in the cupboard. It made things so much easier.  I’d already got an idea of the effect I was hoping to achieve but as with some of my other work, the creative thoughts take over and you go with the flow! I’m really pleased with how the first one came out. This weekend I’ll start on heart number two and then provide an update.

Conrete heart no 1 wip

Hope you like the final outcome 🙂


New “Items for Sale” pages added

Hi Everyone,

We had a great time at our first Craft Fair yesterday and learnt a lot.  We also obtained a lot of helpful selling information by chatting to the other more experience Crafters.  We both sold a few items but to make some room for our new creations we have decided to list our current stock on eBay as it’s free listing this month 😉

So, we’ve added two new pages to this site called “Sue’s Items for Sale” and “Phil’s items for Sale” in the menu on the lefthand side.  Feel free to have a browse and if you decide you would to make a purchase then click the link which will take you straight to the listing for that item on eBay.

As always, if you would like the item but in your choice of colours or wood or have a bespoke request, do please feel free to contact us.  We’ll be starting work on Christmas items very soon (yes Christmas is coming!).

Thanks for reading and looking!

Sue & Phil

First Craft Fair – 2 June 2018

Hi everyone,

Well, we’ve decided to take the plunge and be a stall holder at a local Craft Fair this weekend (2nd June 2018).  We’ll be at St Lukes Church Hall in Tiptree between 10am-2pm.  Admission is £1 and is in support of Coeliac UK.  Hope to see you there!


Table at the Craft Fair
Sue Dotted items
Sue’s Dot Art
Phils wood items
Phil’s Workworking

Being crafty isn't just a hobby…….