First glass fused item from the Microwave Kiln…

So, following up after my post earlier today, this is how I got on… After reading the user manual, lots of useful posts on the “microwave kiln glass fusing fanatics” Facebook group I got everything ready and started the process. However, it soon became apparent that this rookie has made a mistake! I’d put the fusing paper under the fibre blanket which meant the glass stuck to it nicely and ruined it. I’d also heated the glass too hot too quick so it looked like a puddle. Anyway, not be put off I let everything go cold and then started attempt number two.

As you can see from the photo below, that red glow means that inside it’s hot, hot, hot and you certainly do need the heat proof gloves when removing it from the microwave.


I patiently waited much more than the recommended 60 mins, just to make it sure it was cool and I didn’t ruin it.  Quite pleased with how it turned out.  To think it started life as 2 small rectangles of coloured glass, one white, one purple and ended up a lovely smooth, curvy edged pendant 😊

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