Microwave Kiln Glass Fusing – another new hobby!

Another way to use up my scrap stained glass is to have a try at Microwave Kiln Glass Fusing. Phil bought me one for christmas but I haven’t yet been brave enough to try but today’s that day!

The photo below shows all the items that I got in the starter set and there are lots of goodies to get me started.  In theory, all I need to do is carefully stack the any of the bits on top of each to make a small glass sandwich which goes inside the kiln (round object at the back called Hot Pot) and then follow a “firing” schedule.  I then take it out of the microwave (wearing heat proof gloves as this will be glowing red hot and I don’t want to end up at A&E with burns!) and leave it to cool for 30 mins.  If all goes well, when I take the lid off after it’s cooled I should have a nice glass fused object.  Well, fingers crossed and here goes….


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