New wood and dot art creations

Hello everyone,

Well, both ourselves and the summehouse survived the “big summerhouse move” last weekend.  I was dreading it crashing down and falling apart as it was moved from it’s old home onto top of a raised deck down to the main garden.  However, with some fantastic spacial awareness skills from the men and great team work the job was done in about an hour with no casualties and the summerhouse still in one piece! I’ve been able to put everything back in it’s place and leave a nice space for a new crafting table (hint, hint Phil!).  The space left by the summerhouse will now be used by Phil to extend the existing brick shed into a more spacious woodworking workshop.  We’ll keep you update on that project.

Phil has finished two lovely chopping boards which are made from Sapele and Maple, with one of them going into the Christmas raffle at work. He’s also made another of his unmistakeable pint sized mugs at the request of a colleague.  The two snowmen turned out really great and the customer was very happy with them. There is no rest for the wicked as he’s got a number of orders for pens and pen boxes which always sell well at Christmas time.



I’ve been relaxing by creating a some more dot mandala designs.  Really like how the “hippy” style one came out (on the left). The middle one just sort of evolved as I went along.  The one on the right was a snowflake design which I adapted and it has gone off with Phil’s chopping board to Christmas raffle. I’ve discovered some lovely Dovercraft 3D paints and glitter glue items in The Works/Hobbycraft that I’ve been using for that added splash of sparkle.



Signing off for now so take care and pop by soon.

Sue & Phil


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