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Great day making a Stained Glass H-O-O-T Owl

Now that the English weather is getting warmer it was time to get back to doing what I love the most – Stained Glass 🙂  After much deliberation over which pattern to do I finally settled on a free Spectrum Glass pattern called “H-O-O-T Owl” but decided to just make the owl rather than have it as a panel as per the pattern.  During soldering I came to realise that my soldering iron wasn’t consistently keeping at temperature so I’ve had to order a new one.  I’ve upgraded from my usual 80watt to a Weller 101d 100 watt as it got really good reviews.  I was really pleased with how he turned out, although he does need some proper eyes.  He now hangs in my kitchen window alongside my butterfly.  As it’s spring, next I plan to do a floral pattern 🙂

You can download the pattern from here.

SG Owl


Stained Glass fuses nicely, well most of the time!

I thought I’d do some more experimenting with the Microwave Kiln today.  I had a root through my stained glass and picked out quite a few bits of opal, rippled and transparent glass. I have read that Stained Glass can be troublesome to fuse so I stuck with the advice to only fuse 2 pieces from the same sheet. I made 3 stacks of 1″ squares that were 2 layers high.  I was pleased with the blue transparent (left photo) and the orangey opal but less pleased with the green rippled as that came out with a very matt finish.

More experimenting tomorrow 🙂

Microwave Kiln Glass Fusing – another new hobby!

Another way to use up my scrap stained glass is to have a try at Microwave Kiln Glass Fusing. Phil bought me one for christmas but I haven’t yet been brave enough to try but today’s that day!

The photo below shows all the items that I got in the starter set and there are lots of goodies to get me started.  In theory, all I need to do is carefully stack the any of the bits on top of each to make a small glass sandwich which goes inside the kiln (round object at the back called Hot Pot) and then follow a “firing” schedule.  I then take it out of the microwave (wearing heat proof gloves as this will be glowing red hot and I don’t want to end up at A&E with burns!) and leave it to cool for 30 mins.  If all goes well, when I take the lid off after it’s cooled I should have a nice glass fused object.  Well, fingers crossed and here goes….

Welcome to our blog…

Hello and welcome to the Crafty Cannons blog.  We’d like to introduce ourselves to you and the reason for starting this blog.

We are husband (Phil) and wife (Sue) and we have 3 lovely sons aged 12, 20 and 21.  Like all parents we’ve spent a lot of time looking after the children and this meant not having much time for ourselves or hobbies.  Well, now that the boys are a lot more independent and doing their own thing we decided it was our time to do our things.

Sue’s hobbies…

So, last April I decided to enrol for an Adult Education Evening Course called “A beginners introduction to Stained Glass”.  Over the course of 10 weeks I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience of creating a stained glass piece, bought lots of equipment and converted an area of our summer house into a small stained glass workshop.  I’ve been enoying being a stained glass hobbyist ever since.  Unfortunately, due to the English weather I can only work in the summer house during the warmer months so decided to use up my scrap stained glass and try mosaicing in the warmth of our house.  More recently I’ve also taken up paper cutting which I really enjoy. Examples of all of my work can be seen by clicking the “Sue’s Gallery”.

Phil’s hobby…

Just after Sue started to get into Stained Glass it inspired me to take up a hobby I thought I’d like and that was woodworking.  We rented a garage and put all of the “stuff” from the shed into that which meant I had the ideal place to create a small woodworking worskhop.  I’ve been creating and selling a number of pieces and have had a few requests for bespoke items too.  I’ve also just started my own YouTube Channel which you can find in “useful links” section on the left hand side. Don’t foget to “like” and “subscribe” 😉 Examples of all of my work can be seen by clicking the “Phil’s Gallery”.