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Having fun recycling previous glass fusing experiments

I watched some more great Microwave Kiln Glass Fusing YouTube videos yesterday.  One of these was really helpful in explaining how you can break up and reuse any of your previous glass fused creations that you were, well lets say less happy with!

Being a newbie to this craft I’d got a couple of these and because I already recycled some of my stained glass into my mosaics I’d already got the tool for job ahead.  So, out came the wheeled nippers (photo below in case you don’t know what these are), a large old plastic sandwich bag to stop the small shards of glass flying about the room and plenty of muscle power!  I then used the wheeled nippers to cut up the old fused pieces and was pleasantly surprised to reveal some lovely layered glass that I could reuse.

In the photo below you’ll see the glass stacks I made with the pieces I’d cut up and I also experimented with some glass on it’s side to see how the layers came out.  I was really happy with the results and they look so much better now than how they started out their life. My favourite one of them all is the tiny one in the middle right column as it reminds me of a ladybird 🙂

Our youngest son has been seeing me have fun so he asked to make one.  He chose the glass, the millefiori and orang stringer. His creation is shown below and is in the photo above of all todays pieces.  His piece we’ve called “bullseye”!

Fused Glass bullseye


Second Glass Fusing piece and I learn all about "dog boning"!

After watching quite a few YouTube videos last night about Microwave Kiln Glass Fusing and having really enjoyed my first experience I was itching to have another try! So, during my lunch break (I was working from home!) I rummaged through the various bags of goodies that came with kiln and settled on a blue base, 2 yellow stringers and 3 murrini.  Although I thought it came out really nice I was a bit bemused by the “dog bone” shape.  So, after a  quick post on the Facebook group asking for some advice I found out what the issue was.  The mistake I made was that you should always follow the “2 layer” rule (I won’t bore you with the details).  I’ll remember that for next time but won’t have long to wait long as the next master pieces are currently cooling in the kiln This time I’ve stacked 3 squares of different coloured glass with some other bits placed and sprinkled on top (pic to follow).