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New wood and dot art creations

Hello everyone,

Well, both ourselves and the summehouse survived the “big summerhouse move” last weekend.  I was dreading it crashing down and falling apart as it was moved from it’s old home onto top of a raised deck down to the main garden.  However, with some fantastic spacial awareness skills from the men and great team work the job was done in about an hour with no casualties and the summerhouse still in one piece! I’ve been able to put everything back in it’s place and leave a nice space for a new crafting table (hint, hint Phil!).  The space left by the summerhouse will now be used by Phil to extend the existing brick shed into a more spacious woodworking workshop.  We’ll keep you update on that project.

Phil has finished two lovely chopping boards which are made from Sapele and Maple, with one of them going into the Christmas raffle at work. He’s also made another of his unmistakeable pint sized mugs at the request of a colleague.  The two snowmen turned out really great and the customer was very happy with them. There is no rest for the wicked as he’s got a number of orders for pens and pen boxes which always sell well at Christmas time.



I’ve been relaxing by creating a some more dot mandala designs.  Really like how the “hippy” style one came out (on the left). The middle one just sort of evolved as I went along.  The one on the right was a snowflake design which I adapted and it has gone off with Phil’s chopping board to Christmas raffle. I’ve discovered some lovely Dovercraft 3D paints and glitter glue items in The Works/Hobbycraft that I’ve been using for that added splash of sparkle.



Signing off for now so take care and pop by soon.

Sue & Phil


We’re back!

Hello all,

We haven’t been ignoring you for the last 7 months but we’ve been busy with life “stuff” and of course our hobbies.  Since we last posted; we have had a small extension built, been on a fabulous holiday to our favourite location (Walt Disney World in Orlando), had a great time on a wood turning course and made lots of new things which will be on display in the photo gallery.

I have found yet another new hobby which is keeping me busy during my spare time (as if Stained Glass, Paper Cutting and Glass Fusing wasn’t enough!).  I was browsing YouTube, like you do, for some crafting inspiration and came across a tutorial for how to paint Dot Mandalas.  Needless to say, it wasn’t long before I was off to The Works, Hobbycraft and Wilko to source the materials needed and get stuck in!  Boy did I learn fast that it’s actually harder than it looks to create a perfectly formed dot using acrylic paint, let alone get them all uniformly the size you want.  However, with a little more investment in dotting tools, the right consistency paint and lots of practice I’m finally producing something I’m happy to share on social media.  I’ve found lots of people on Instagram, Pinterest and Youtube to follow and get inspiration from.

As I write this, Phil is busy beavering away in the shed.  He’s got a few orders to fulfil from colleagues and friends such as some snowmen, pens and pen boxes and a mug.  He really needs some more space as the shed isn’t very big so we’ve had the bright idea to move my summerhouse into a new position in the garden which means he can extend out from the shed. The base is laid for the sumerhouse and I’ve packed all my things away ready for the move. We are just waiting for 4 big strong men to be available and then apprently we’ll be able to just lift the summerhouse into it’s new position.  Hmmm, we’ll see how that goes and let you know the outcome!

Signing off for now but we’ll be back soon so keep checking back!

Sue & Phil

Busy day making two Single Stem Vases

I was pleased to sell my first single stem vase so I’ve had another busy day in the workshop and made two more but in different styles.  The one on the left is made from Lime wood and the one on the right from Spalted Silver Birch wood. All I need to do now is to seal them with resin so they can hold water.  The making of these will be posted on my YouTube channel in the next few days.
Made from Lime
Made from Spalted Silver Birch


Welcome to our blog…

Hello and welcome to the Crafty Cannons blog.  We’d like to introduce ourselves to you and the reason for starting this blog.

We are husband (Phil) and wife (Sue) and we have 3 lovely sons aged 12, 20 and 21.  Like all parents we’ve spent a lot of time looking after the children and this meant not having much time for ourselves or hobbies.  Well, now that the boys are a lot more independent and doing their own thing we decided it was our time to do our things.

Sue’s hobbies…

So, last April I decided to enrol for an Adult Education Evening Course called “A beginners introduction to Stained Glass”.  Over the course of 10 weeks I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience of creating a stained glass piece, bought lots of equipment and converted an area of our summer house into a small stained glass workshop.  I’ve been enoying being a stained glass hobbyist ever since.  Unfortunately, due to the English weather I can only work in the summer house during the warmer months so decided to use up my scrap stained glass and try mosaicing in the warmth of our house.  More recently I’ve also taken up paper cutting which I really enjoy. Examples of all of my work can be seen by clicking the “Sue’s Gallery”.

Phil’s hobby…

Just after Sue started to get into Stained Glass it inspired me to take up a hobby I thought I’d like and that was woodworking.  We rented a garage and put all of the “stuff” from the shed into that which meant I had the ideal place to create a small woodworking worskhop.  I’ve been creating and selling a number of pieces and have had a few requests for bespoke items too.  I’ve also just started my own YouTube Channel which you can find in “useful links” section on the left hand side. Don’t foget to “like” and “subscribe” 😉 Examples of all of my work can be seen by clicking the “Phil’s Gallery”.