Busy day making two Single Stem Vases

I was pleased to sell my first single stem vase so I’ve had another busy day in the workshop and made two more but in different styles.  The one on the left is made from Lime wood and the one on the right from Spalted Silver Birch wood. All I need to do now is to seal them with resin so they can hold water.  The making of these will be posted on my YouTube channel in the next few days.
Made from Lime
Made from Spalted Silver Birch



More experiments!

The experiments continue!  I thought I’d take a before and after photo today so that I can see how the original stacked glass ended up.  What I like about this is that you just never know, until you lift the lid off the kiln once it’s cooled, as to what you’ll find underneath.  The bottom one of the two reminds me of a cats eye!
My firing schedule in my 800 watt microwave for these was;

  • 5 mins on medium, quick check to see everything is still in place etc
  • 5 mins on medium, quick check to see what stage it’s at, usually tacked together
  • Final 3 mins on medium.
  • Leave to cool in the microwave for 30 mins
  • Remove from microwave and let cool for a further 10 mins
  • Remove the lid of the kiln and leave to cool for at least another 15 mins

More fused glass pieces, this is an addiction!

The addiction and the experiments continue!

The left and middle photos are made from 3 squares of glass, one red, one blue, one white (but in different order for each stack which is why one is red and the other blue).  On top of the squares I put some confetti and a millifiore.

The one on the right is a pink rectangle on the bottom, topped with one black strip, one white strip and small red and blue squares down the middle.  First time I have ever had bubbles appear and from what I have read it may be due to one of the small squares being slightly taller than the rest of the pieces of glass so air was trapped when the sides fused first.  I keep learning and practising but all the time am having fun 🙂

Second Glass Fusing piece and I learn all about "dog boning"!

After watching quite a few YouTube videos last night about Microwave Kiln Glass Fusing and having really enjoyed my first experience I was itching to have another try! So, during my lunch break (I was working from home!) I rummaged through the various bags of goodies that came with kiln and settled on a blue base, 2 yellow stringers and 3 murrini.  Although I thought it came out really nice I was a bit bemused by the “dog bone” shape.  So, after a  quick post on the Facebook group asking for some advice I found out what the issue was.  The mistake I made was that you should always follow the “2 layer” rule (I won’t bore you with the details).  I’ll remember that for next time but won’t have long to wait long as the next master pieces are currently cooling in the kiln This time I’ve stacked 3 squares of different coloured glass with some other bits placed and sprinkled on top (pic to follow).

First glass fused item from the Microwave Kiln…

So, following up after my post earlier today, this is how I got on… After reading the user manual, lots of useful posts on the “microwave kiln glass fusing fanatics” Facebook group I got everything ready and started the process. However, it soon became apparent that this rookie has made a mistake! I’d put the fusing paper under the fibre blanket which meant the glass stuck to it nicely and ruined it. I’d also heated the glass too hot too quick so it looked like a puddle. Anyway, not be put off I let everything go cold and then started attempt number two.

As you can see from the photo below, that red glow means that inside it’s hot, hot, hot and you certainly do need the heat proof gloves when removing it from the microwave.


I patiently waited much more than the recommended 60 mins, just to make it sure it was cool and I didn’t ruin it.  Quite pleased with how it turned out.  To think it started life as 2 small rectangles of coloured glass, one white, one purple and ended up a lovely smooth, curvy edged pendant 😊

Microwave Kiln Glass Fusing – another new hobby!

Another way to use up my scrap stained glass is to have a try at Microwave Kiln Glass Fusing. Phil bought me one for christmas but I haven’t yet been brave enough to try but today’s that day!

The photo below shows all the items that I got in the starter set and there are lots of goodies to get me started.  In theory, all I need to do is carefully stack the any of the bits on top of each to make a small glass sandwich which goes inside the kiln (round object at the back called Hot Pot) and then follow a “firing” schedule.  I then take it out of the microwave (wearing heat proof gloves as this will be glowing red hot and I don’t want to end up at A&E with burns!) and leave it to cool for 30 mins.  If all goes well, when I take the lid off after it’s cooled I should have a nice glass fused object.  Well, fingers crossed and here goes….

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